Astro Barelang Trip Overall

I learnt how the fox hunting can be conducted more effectively and the different aspects of the telescope and how they work together. For example, I learnt how to draw the ray diagrams of multiple lenses. I also learnt about the solar system like how planets are formed and some of the harsh environments of other planets.

I should place the transmitters in an open space and away from metal so that it is easier to detect the signal. I also need to look at the number of the transmitter that I am placing.

In my opinion, the trip was enjoyable and I learnt a lot from it. I also got to experiment with different things.

Astro Barelang Trip Day 3

Today, we watched a documentary on the harsh climates of certain planets. We also watched a documentary on how planets are formed.

Then, we conducted a fox hunting session where I was the hunter, however, we did not manage to find any transmitters.

The walls and other obstacles such as metal objects made it difficult to locate the source of the signal. The signal was also inconsitent at times.

I learnt that the signals will be reflected off walls, making it harder to locate the transmitter. Metal will also weaken the signal, making it more difficult to track down.

I should place the transmitters in an open area with little obstacles around.

Astro Barelang Trip Day 2

We attended a lesson on radios and how to draw ray diagrams and how it can be used in telescopes. We also watched the dipole radio being set up and the data being logged into a software.                                                                                                       

Then, we watched The Martian, which was about a man trapped on Mars and how he survives.  We also went fox hunting, but this time I was the hunter. I had troubles locating the transmitter as the signal was either too consistent or too inconsistent.                                                 
After fox hunting, we set up the Powerseeker and took pictures of ourselves.

I think the fox hunting problem was due to the signal reflecting off the walls, so we did not know where the signal truly came from. I learnt how the principles of ray diagrams, optics and lenses can be applied to making a telescope. I can better understand how telescopes and other equipments that use rays work.

Astro Barelang Trip Day 1

We conducted fox hunting around the Harris Hotel facilities. I was one of the game masters and we were in charge of planting the transmitters around the hotel. We encountered some problems in finding the transmitters and at night, we went stargazing. The game masters did not check the number of the transmitters they were assigned to. I learnt that small details can be important and I should pay more attention to them.I should have looked at the number of the transmitter I was planting.

Astro Feb 9 2018

Today, we learnt about the sun. We learnt about how the sun came to be, the effects that the sun has on earth, like solar storms, which can cause electrical appliances to fail, radiation emitted from the sun that keeps the earth warm. We also watched a few videos that describes the various effects of the sun and how it can impact earth. We also did kahoots based on the things we learnt in today's lesson and last week's lesson.
We also went out to view the sun through a telescope.
It was intriguing to be able to view the sun up close with a telescope without damaging our eyes. 

First day of Astro 2018

Today was the first day of Astronomy 2018. We got briefed on the things that were planned for 2018. I also got briefed on the things that I had to plan for as an exco member. I was interested at the upcoming fox hunting activities as I have never played it before. I also felt a sense of responsibility as I have to plan for some of the activities in the future.

Astronite 2017

We attended RI Astronite in 2017, we mainly attended multiple lectures. We learnt about multiple astronomy theories and facts. I felt that it was very interesting that the RI students came up with a creative introduction to the lectures. After that, we went for stargazing on the roof of RI.